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Announcing Our Newest Project

We are so excited to announce our newest project in the downtown Wilmington area: Rogue Townhomes. Stay tuned for more information and details on this upcoming project.

Architect:Rob Romero

Listing Agent:Randy Harmon

Rogue Townhomes

The Sign is Up at Tonbo Meadow!

Big thanks to R. Mended Metals for their work on our new entry sign at Tonbo Meadow! The mix of earth tones, woods, and metals were used for the sign and privacy fence to reflect the modern, green design approach embraced throughout this development. The wood is adorned with copper dragonflies, which are the origin of the development's name. In Japanese culture, the dragonfly (tonbo) represents strength and happiness, thus defining it as one of the most resilient insects on the planet.

Tonbo Meadow embraces the dragonfly legend by introducing 14 two and three-story mid-century modern style homes that encompass a smaller, smarter footprint. We are beyond excited to introduce these homes to the community!

Tonbo Meadow Sign

2014 Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Award


Yesterday at Tonbo Meadow

Took a quick trip to Tonbo Meadow yesterday with the new gopro!

Tonbo Meadow Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow Time Lapse Progress Video

Another quick time lapse video capturing all the progress on the first triplex at Tonbo Meadow. These clips were taken the last few days in January, during the ice and snow we were experiencing throughout Wilmington. It's interesting to watch the progress and watch the clouds, ice and snow roll in! 

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